I had a spare evening yesterday so I finally got around to fixing an issue with the Mote examples that I found a while ago. Now I’ve only used Github a little, but I just about figured out the process (forking, committing, pushing, pull requesting). I’d be happy to try and put together a little (Pimoroni repo specific) guide of the process if that’s something that doesn’t exist and people would be interested in?


I think that this would be useful. When I first learned how to do pull requests I found that there was not much easy to understand stuff out there. Even if you just post it under learning resources here I still think that it would be useful for beginners.


Cool, it’ll probably be more focused around assisting with the Pimoroni libraries, but sounds like that might be helpful to some who want to help but aren’t quite sure where to start.


+1 on this. With both the Pimoroni libs (for features/examples) and I’ve wanted a good guide I could point people at for making contributions.

It would ideally cover the actual doing plus the more whimsical “how to be a good contributor” side of things.


For the git system in general I have Nina Jaeschkes git cheat sheet hanging right above my screen. It is a simple and very useful help for using git from the command line.


Handy! I had to do a bit of revision from the Atlassian git tutorials and a bit of guesswork :)


Here’s the WIP page, I’ll try and get it finished off at some point.

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