Why is technical data not provided?

Unlike other DIY stores like Adafruit and Sparkfun, Pimoroni doesn’t seem to want to provide the technical information on their products, such as schematics and pinouts. Yeah most products have a library to use them, but if something goes wrong (and it seems like something always goes wrong), it’s damn near impossible to find the info needed to troubleshoot. Why is this? Every product should have a link right on the product page that has the schematic, BOM, PCB layout, and detailed pin-outs. It’s very time consuming to sift through the code to understand how things are connected when things don’t work as expected, or if I want to use something I bought in a non-standard way. For example, I bought a Mote kit that has 4 Mote LED strips and a pHat controller. The LEDs don’t always work as expected. I can’t find and details on the controller, so I figured I build my own. I can’t find pin-outs to wire the Motes, nor details on the controller. The same was true with the Enviro+, Display-O-Tron, and others. I’m about to give up on Pimoroni. What’s up with this?

Hello,I’m a bit of a notice,I own a display o Tron and found pinouts here,unless there are more than one meaning to pinouts. https://pinout.xyz/pinout/display_o_tron_hat. technicial. Info being discussed here Is a DisplayOTron Hat schematic available?

There are data sheets and some schematics posted for “some” products.
Likely not the answer your looking for but I have seen links to schematics for some products. And links to data sheets for the chips used on some products, not all but some.
Pimoroni is a very small company compared to Adafruit. With a much smaller staff. I’m not making excuses just saying.

Yeah, sometimes you really have to be in the know to figure out what exactly is going on with the pinouts. i2c is pretty easy, but i2s, and SPI can be as far as I know, configured different ways using different pins.

Adafruit is defiantly much bigger ,130+ plus employees

I have absolutely no idea what that means?