Is a DisplayOTron Hat schematic available?


I like the combination of components in the DisplayOTron, I’d like to see a schematic to so I can make sure I get full use of the capabilities of those components. The cap1166 driving the touch buttons, for example, supports an interrupt signal, but the software makes no use of it. This is presumably because the board doesn’t connect the alert pin to any of the pins on the 40-pin header, a schematic would give a definitive answer.


Pimoroni do not not normally publish schematics for their boards.

The closest you will get is picking up info from

And using

From these you can definitely build a good picture of what is going on.


The software looks cobbled together and such endeavors don’t necessarily cover the full capabilities of the hardware. It just needs to be enough to make the gizmo usable. is a useful site, but I don’t see anything authoritative about the information that get contributed.


both pinout maintainers, @gadgetoid and myself work for Pimoroni, so when it comes to Pimoroni gear the information up there is as authoritative as it will get.


The best place to seek those answers is probably the datasheets for the various chips used on Display-O-Tron HAT. They’ll give you full details on the functionality, pinouts, etc.


The chip-maker’s datasheets are usually pretty good. A pin with a nifty function isn’t any good if it’s not connected to the header, however. There are other electrical components, such as pull-up resisters, that may be on the board that affect designs using those boards, which why you want a schematic in addition to the chip datasheets.


The interrupt line from the cap touch chip is not wired up to the GPIO!


Given that it is designed to plug into the Pi’s 40-pin connector and only breaks out half of the pins, it’s a shame you couldn’t have run a trace to one of the obscured GPIO pins.


Given that the display o tron hat uses many pins it breaks out pins that for the most part it doesn’t use

the rest are mostly generic gpio. The only useful one they didn’t breakout in my opinion is pin 18 pwm0