How to use 1.3" SPI Colour LCD (240x240) Breakout with Arduino

And I also set
#define TFT_RST -1 // Or set to -1 and connect to Arduino RESET pin
since there is no reset pin.

Ok, thanks for the reply / info. I thought Arduino, just wasn’t 100% sure.
At some point I’ll be trying some of the Pimoroni breakouts with my PICO.

OK I just tried the display with a Pi Pico and it works, though only using part of the screen (and I think part of the display is off the edge).

I wired it up the same way as the Pico display:
CS to 22
SCK to 24
MOSI to 25
DC to 21

And then BL to 3.3V

3-5V to 3V and GND to ground (of course).

I presume it just needs a bit of tweaking because the part of the screen that is working seems to be working very nicely.

At the moment I don’t intend to use this screen with the Pico so that’s as far as I’m going to go for now.

The PICO Display Pack screen is a 240x135 pixel IPS LCD screen, I’d say its a height width thing. My screen doesn’t have a header on it, and I’m resisting doing that as once I do, I can’t use it in my Breakout Garden Hat.

You can leave the BL unconnected if you want. Grounding it turns off the back light, if its high or floating the back light is on.

Yes clearly there’s a difference in dimensions, but it seems a bit odd that even though one dimension is the same it still seems to have part of the display not showing. Then again I have no idea how the commands work on an ST7789 and it would probably make sense if I did.

Mine came with female headers as shown in the pictures.

I thought that the backlight pin could be left unconnected but followed instructions to connect to 3.3 V and it worked like that so I left it.

I agree, that postage stamp image isn’t what I would have expected. I would have thought it would be full screen in one dimension at least.
Mine came with a header, I just didn’t use it. If I do solder a header on it will be a right angle male so it stands up vertically when plugged into a solderless breadboard.