How to use the 6 sided aluminium profile connectors

I bought some aluminium profiles and the 6 sided connectors ( ), but I’m not sure how to use them. I can slide them on the profiles, but they can fall off. There are screws included, but there is only one hole for a screw, so only one beam can be fixed to the connector. Am I missing something obvious here?

Hello Karel,

I also bought the profile but, unfortunately, not the six-sided connector. It’s difficult to see how that would work - is there a hole to drop the machine screw into the connector?

The second picture on that page suggests that there is no way of permanently attaching the profile - I think those fingers are there for a reason. Perhaps the idea is that the pieces which are not attached would be held in place by a box structure.

Would a small, right-angle bracket work, attached to the surface of the profile? Something like this. The holes in that plate are a little large, though, so you would need a larger washer for an M3 machine screw to hold.


Hi Nick,

Thanks for your response. I guess you’re right and the connector isn’t meant for permanently attaching the profiles. There is one hole, so one profile can be fixed, but the others not.

I guess I would be better off with this connector:

Thanks for the help

they show how to use the 6 sided connector,there a "read more"link in the listing

I do have the corner connectors, and have used them to make a cube with the 200mm lengths of profile. They work well, after a little practice in assembly.

With three access holes, the screws do tend to fall out when you try to drop them into the correct position. I found it helpful to put a finger on each of the two other holes to stop this happening. The screws are also quite large compared to the available space in the connector - you need to tighten each screw well to avoid the next getting stuck against the connector’s frame.

If you need a little more flexibility in connecting the pieces, I found that some M4 machine screws could slide into the slots in the profile. The slots are 6.2mm wide on the outside, so some pan head screws will slide in and hold with the thread facing outwards. Another piece of profile can then be screwed on - I’ve used four 50mm pieces to act as legs on the cube. It might be possible to use hex-head M4 bolts as well, but I found they fell out too easily.