Hyperpixel 4.0 Square touch and an E Ink/ePaper display connected to a Raspberry pi 3b

I am working on a project where I am going to use a Hyperpixel 4.0 square touch and hopefully an ePaper screen, both connected to a single Raspberry pi 3b. The Hyperpixel 4 square works great, but my problem is that, as far as I understand it, the Hyperpixel uses all of the GPIO. Most ePaper displays I have seen are either HATs or serial that are meant to be connected to the GPIO, which is a problem. I guess maybe serial to USB might be an option, but I don’t know and thats why I am asking you guys.

Anyone know a solution that might work? I should say that space is an issue, so I would prefer something compact.

It may be a lot easier to switch to something like this

And mount the e-ink to the GPIO header. The e-ink uses SPI, and I haven’t seen anything to convert an e-ink to USB.

I agree, it would be much easier. My problem is that there are not many square touch screens out there… So I am afraid that I will have to stick with the Hyperpixel. I should probably have specified that, sorry

Me neither… but I don’t quite see why it should not be possible…

There are lots of small PiTFT screens out there. And some are square.
If they use your regular SPI hookup you can also drive a second SPI device via chip select.

think they want a square one not rectangle one .)

I thought I had seen a 320 x 320, but I guess not? My bad.
There is a 240 x 240 but its only 1.3 inch. =(
480 x 320 is likely the biggest one. 3.5 inch 4:3 ratio.
The options are kind of limited, compromises may need to be made unfortunately.

No problem, thanks for the help anyway.

Yeah… The compromise is probably going to be no E-ink though. I just think it would have been a nice addition…

If you mount the e-ink to a Pi Zero, you could “probably” then update it from the hyperpixel Pi via WIFI / SSH. You “might” even be able to control it over USB as the Pi Zero can run in gadget mode. Just depends on what skills you have. I know it would tax this old brain trying to figure it out but I’ll throw it out there.
Sending an image to it over WIFI would I think be the easier option if you were going to try it.
If you already have the e-ink and a spare Pi Zero it might be worth playing around with.

I do have rPi0 lying around… might be worth a shot. It might be a bit overkill though, maybe it would be simpler to just use a small arduino board, ESP32/8266 or so. It probably even exist driver boards for E-ink that has some version of this on the board, might save some space. Don’t have much experience with Arduino, but this might be the best solution…

Arduino may also be an option. I have a couple Uno’s kicking around, haven’t done a whole lot with them so far. I have the Arduino Starter Kit on the way that I hope will get me using my Arduino’s more. It should be here in the next week or so.
Have a look at the Adafruit Feathers. I know they do have an LCD shield, not sure about e-ink though.
Ah, here you go.

Ohh wow thanks! This looks promising. I did some looking my self and found some driver boards by waveshare that have Arduino chips on them. They have an ESP8266 and an ESP32 version.