Hyperpixel 4 drivers in Bullseye and OpenGL ES

Do the drivers that come with Bullseye support direct GPU rendering with the VideoCore IV based Pis? Are they DRM/KMS drivers? I use Pi OS Lite without a window server, and do GLES based on the ubiquitous “kmscube” sample code. Thanks! (By “direct GPU rendering” I mean without fb to fb copying which is done by some spi TFT drivers).

I got a Hyperpixel 4 and am happy to report that KMS works just fine - it plays like a “normal” GPU driven monitor (it may be, for all I know) The one oddball thing is it shows up as 480 wide x 800 tall. The rotation options seem don’t seem to change the way the memory is mapped to the pixels, so my GLES output doesn’t rotate and /dev/fb0 remains 480x800 - it’s all SW. But easy enough to do on my end.