Hyperpixel 4 i2c header change


I’ve been mulling over a project with the Hyperpixel 4 (non-square) which would involve adding additional inputs to the Pi. I was consideringr doing this via i2c using the header on the underside of the Hyperpixel when I noticed that my boards (one touch, one non-touch) have a different header to what is shown in the product images: the images show what looks like a 5-pin jumper header including an Int pin, wheras my boards have a 4-pin JST-like (?) connecter which is missing the Int pin.

So, is 4-pin or 5-pin design the current design? I’d really like to have that Int pin, so if 4-pin is now the standard I may have to find some other way to do this.

I think there was a sneaky update to better support direct use of the breakout garden range which uses said int pin.

How long have you had those Hyperpixel displays? All the current product images for the Hyperpixel 4 show the 5 pin connector. Which makes me think 5 pin in the new standard? It likely changed when the new square Hyperpixel launched.
And as mentioned it matches the breakout garden pinout arrangement.

The most recent board was purchased in February, according to my shop account. I hadn’t checked before but if the Hyperpixel Square has the 5-pin then presumably that is the new design? A change to improve compatability with Breakout Garden would make sense, but I wish Pimoroni would make a note of changes to their products, either in a revision number on the board or as a footnote on the product page like Adafruit do. It would save a bit of confusion.

If all of the new boards come with a 5-pin then I may look into using this for my project, it’d mean buying another board but that will probably be easier than the alternative.