Hyperpixel 4.0 Square I2C interrupt question

I’m working on a project where I’m using an APDS9960 sensor to ideally wake the screen on proximity. I can get the sensor working via the I2C breakout on the back of the screen using the mapping suggested in the getting started, but I cannot get the proximity interupt to work for the sensor using the i2c breakout on the back. Does anyone know what pin the interrupt pin from the back is mapped to? I’ve tried GPIO 27 based on the pinouts that I’ve found online, but it only interrupts on screen touch (and then reads the sensor as if it has done the interrupt and resets after a few readings). So there is something I am missing. Thanks for your help.

The display breaks out an INT pin on the 5 pin connector on the back, but I can’t find any documentation as to what it is mapped to, if it is mapped at all. I’ve tried a few other GPIO values based on what I’ve found here on the forum, but nothing has seemed to work so far. A confirmation on what pin the INT pin on the breakout maps to could help me figure out where/why this isn’t working as I’d like.