Hyperpixel questions


I’ve spent the weekend playing with my shiny new Hyperpixel display - it’s great! However, I do have a few questions about it:

  1. What panel is used in the Hyperpixel? I can see the AUO logo on it, but don’t know more than that. Is there a datasheet available?

  2. Can you confirm the GPIO usage? From my running device I can see that pins 0-9, 13-17 and 20-25 are used for the DPI display, plus 10-11 (i2c) and 27 (interrupt) for the touchscreen and 19 for the backlight. Does that mean pins 12, 18 and 26 are not connected on the board?

  3. Following on from the above, shouldn’t pin 12 be in use as one of the DPI pins? I’ve posted my “raspi-gpio get” output at https://gist.github.com/8712086a9da1cc61d73712619a8afd37. It shows only 17 pins set to DPI_Dx instead of the 18 I would expect for an RGB666 panel.

  4. Is the source code for the hyperpixel-init binary available or is it a proprietary thing? On similar lines, it would be nice to see the source for the device tree overlays but they can always be decompiled so it’s not a big deal!

Thanks for creating great hardware products!

Should hopefully answer questions 2 and 3.

Thanks. Interestingly, the pin assignments at that link don’t seem to match what’s in use on my device. On my device pin 27 is the interrupt for the touchscreen, not 18 as stated. It does appear to show that there are no free GPIOs though and that pin 12 should be in use as a DPI pin.

good spot, the dt overlay had incorrect DPI pins assignments. I have corrected and published the source.

AFAIK the Interrupt pin is correct, the pinout is based on the schematics, and has been checked through, but I’ll double check.

OK, thanks. I’m basing my knowledge of the interrupt pin on line 96 of https://github.com/pimoroni/hyperpixel/blob/master/requirements/usr/bin/hyperpixel-touch as well as the raspi-gpio output I posted earlier.

Hi @RogueM. I see that the pins on pinout.xyz for the Hyperpixel have been updated. Thanks for that.

Is there anything you can say on my other questions (panel model / datasheet, source code of hyperpixel-init)?

I’m particularly interested in the source of hyperpixel-init so that I could look at implementing a kernel driver to do the initialisation and get the display working earlier in the boot sequence. Failing that, I assume the datasheet would tell me what I need to know to do the same thing…

Thanks in advance!

Ah never mind! I just checked the Github repository and see that the source for hyperpixel-init is now there! That’ll teach me to look before I leap :-)

I don’t have that information, or access to source code. @gadgetoid might be able to help.

oh, yes, it is, I didn’t know Phil had posted it.