Hyperpixel + LiPo Shim + Lakka

Hi there!
I have a combined question regarding HpyerPixel:
First: Can I make it work with Lakka at all (I assume it’s the same as with LibreElec). What are the dependencies?
Retropie is working fine but I like the reduced approach of Lakka.
Second: Can I somehow use Hyperpixel with LiPo shim? If not, is there another simple approach to power a Pi (3 or Zero) and a Hyperpixel?

Ultimately, I would like to build a mobile gaming device.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge and ideas!


I believe it’s possible to get HyperPixel working, since the support for DPI displays is built into the Pi’s closed-source firmware blobs and isn’t entirely contingent on the OS itself. I haven’t attempted it though, and the auto-installer wont work due to the OS layout being quite different. You would have to add the /boot/config.txt changes manually and find a way to run hyperpixel-init at boot.