Hyperpixel round touch

I just got my Hyperpixel round and the display is working flawlessly. However, touch support is only provided in Python, which is not my language/environment of choice. Please remember some people are not using Python. There is no documentation on the touch sensor, no link to a datasheet, I’m rather disappointed.

I suspect it is an ektf2132, but I would like some confirmation and maybe a datasheet so I could write a driver and dts for it.

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@hel might be able to help you out and get you some more info.

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Hyperpixel Round’s touch IC is a CST830 and it works over I2C - you can what see what pins it uses from the Python driver.

Hope that helps!

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What would help is a datasheet. I know what the python driver does and meanwhile also have found out that it’s not an ektf2132, just very similar. The goal for me is to write a kernel driver for the chip and there are things (like querying the size) that need to be done to make a driver be acceptable to the kernel devs. Without a datasheet, that is difficult to do. Googling CST830 had no results. That was the mark on the chip, so it’s what I tried first. Then I figured, since that normally brings up a datasheet, that marking and chip type may not be in agreement (I’ve seen chips that were marked with things other than their model name before).
For me, there is no point in a display that has only a python driver because X can’t use a python driver.

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Zipped datasheet attached.

This is all I had to work from. From prior experience running the grinder of creating/upstreaming a Linux kernel driver is beyond me.

Looks like it has some relationship to the CST816 - pinetime-hypnos/cst816s.h at master · endian-albin/pinetime-hypnos · GitHub but they diverge pretty quickly.

CST836U应用说明.zip (414.5 KB)