Hyperpixel Round display issue

So I got my round display on Saturday and start playing with it yesterday but can not get it to work.
I’m using it with the new Pi Zero W that works without any problems, besides that for everything I’m using Sandisk Ultra Micro SD class 10.

Installed Buster, reboot, install driver, reboot, before connecting the display, and all the time I’m welcomed with a rainbow screen on an external screen. Not to tell that can not get to work new round display.

Can someone help? All the time I have to reinstall Buster as it doesn’t work and can not get it to work even when setting: boot_delay=1 in a config file.

maybe someone from the crew can help? @gadgetoid ?

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I used 2020-02-13-raspbian-buster-lite.img because I had it laying around and wasn’t in the mood for another download. Installed the driver as per instructions and the display worked right away. Maybe the image you used is too new for the driver?

I soon found that the touch driver has no kernel support and that the way they activated the i2c bus on the display prevented the i2c_gpio alias from being created in the device tree, which makes it impossible to bind i2c devices’ kernel drivers to it.

I removed the i2c bus from the dts and recompiled, then set up the i2c bus using its own dtoverlay, which made i2c_gpio available in the device tree. The i2c bus uses sda=gpio10 scl=gpio11.

I’m now working on getting touch to work in X, which involves writing a kernel driver.

The rainbow screen will always appear on the external monitor, never on the HP. The HP is initialised much later and output then switches to it. It is very much like the corner-y hyperpixels there, it works the exact same way.

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Thank you for the solution.
Looks like still I have an issue as I tried the same raspbian as your version, enabled SSH to make it easier. Clone driver, install it, reboot.
Before I rebooted I’ve seen white light under display glass. After rebooted there was no light and I couldn’t display anything on it.
Did I miss some steps? I don’t think so it is relatively easy. To be honest first time using HyperPixel display but not the first time Pi.

Maybe Pimoroni could do some step by step tutorial or maybe there is something wrong with my display?

Also when I tried to rotate screen with command: hyperpixel2r-rotate normal [or any other]
Getting issue:

HyperPixel 2: Round - Display Rotation

This rotate utility only works with the Raspberry Pi OS desktop version or X-based alternatives.

No DISPLAY variable set, trying :0.0

Rotating display normal

/usr/bin/hyperpixel2r-rotate: line 55: xrandr: command not found

grep: /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf: No such file or directory

The display setup script is not configured in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

Maybe you’re not using Raspberry Pi OS.

Add “display-setup-script=/usr/share/dispsetup.sh” to /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf or use the Xorg config method (add --xorg to this command)

Persisting display settings to /usr/share/dispsetup.sh

chown: cannot access ‘/usr/share/dispsetup.sh’: No such file or directory

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “”, line 3, in

ImportError: No module named screenlayout

chown: cannot access ‘/usr/share/dispsetup.sh’: No such file or directory

chmod: cannot access ‘/usr/share/dispsetup.sh’: No such file or directory

Failed to persist display orientation.

Make sure you’re running Rasperry Pi OS desktop on a Pi 4 or Pi 400

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I would try the Raspberry Pi OS , not a older Buster its now reccomended for all PI’s .
It’s worth a try I think, PI official download link https://www.raspberrypi.org/software/operating-systems/

I tried the latest one and the old one and on all of them the same result.

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Might be worth trying the full desktop version of Raspberry Pi OS instead of Lite? You’ll definitely need to be running desktop for the rotate utility to work.

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As I said earlier I tried all versions.
I tried desktop and lite and the same results.
Can not get the display to work. Besides, that nothing is visible on it and can not run any example code too. It should work out of the box only install drivers but mine isn’t working.
Can see some white light on the edges from behind the screen and that’s it. Sometimes it’s blinking.
I made an video with that:

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I dont have any technial answeres,I’m not that smart ! just something I would try if i had it in my hands ,and likely something you tried already ,remove and reincert the ribbon cable from the back of it ,if nuting i would request a replacement , enjoy!

Either I’ve been day drinking or the headers on that PI Zero are soldered on backwards.

Assuming I’m not mistaken that won’t work due to the pinout.

Edit: Yep looks like you have the header board soldered on the wrong side amigo.

Pinout: Raspberry Pi Pinout Zero W - Raspberry

Yep, and you’re correct and looks like I should think while soldering at 1am at night :/
Now fighting best way to desolder them - I’m not good at this :D

Relax bro. Its fine to make mistakes. If you haven’t had a good go at either burning down your house or have fried a few electrical appliances and boards then you aren’t trying…;).

Look on the brightside at least you found the issue and both components are fine.

Now to get the header board off if you don’t have a heat gun you could use a soldering iron with one of these babies. Go carefully and you will be fine.

One way to do it is to remove the black plastic base part first. If you cut the pins flush with the plastic base it comes off a lot easier. Get one end lifted and started and it should come off pretty easily.
Once you do that the pins will just fall out when you reheat them one by one with your iron. That’s assuming you have a spare male header. Once the pins are all out clean up what solder is left with a solder sucker or flux wire wick. A wet sponge can also be used to wipe the hot solder off, if your quick enough.

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Thank you very much. The best advice ever!

I desoldered old header within 20min or less plus soldered new one. luckily had spare one from Pico.
Now I need more spare parts :D

But what’s important thank you all, that was a stupid problem as I soldered wrong way plus it was originally internationally to use Pi for other project but also swapped everything :/

Problem fixed!


That’s good news. I’m a retired Electronic Technician. Even I cringe at having to remove a 40 pin header with the soldering equipment I have at home. I try to keep spare headers on hand, they are inexpensive enough to order an extra or two of what you need.


Nice! Congratulations sir. I’m glad you got your hardware up and running. “All is well that ends well” as they say.

Also, don’t be so hard on yourself. You made a mistake but you identified your issue, owned your mistake and then course corrected. A lesser human would not have done so.

There isn’t a decent engineer here who hasn’t at some point stood proudly with their hands on their hips admiring the fruits of their labour only to notice that they have actually dropped a massive clanger at some point during the proceedings and now must spend a ton of time unpicking their ‘beautiful creation’ and reworking it.

BTW, what are you intending to do with your new Hyperpixel? The screens I ordered arrived today and I’m itching to start putting them to use.

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I’m trying not to give up. Sometimes is best to give it a go for a day or two and you’re back with a lot of more energy compare to the previous day/two :)

I have a few ideas with my round pixel but the main one will be to make a stats display for the website and I need to design a nice case for it. First working on a code - some parts are ready but I want to visualize everything.
I hope Pimoroni will restock them soon as I should order at least two but got one :/ So far love this screen. Definitely will be hunting for a square one with touch and one or two round ones. Got so many ideas for them :) Much better compared to 1.28’ I have for Arduino.

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I have two of the Pi Foundation 7 inch touch screens that I like a lot. They use the DSI connector which IMHO is a bonus, it leaves the GPIO untouched. My only complaint would be I wish they had a little higher resolution for that screen size.
I have one in the SmartiPi case, wish there was a Hyperpixel version of that.
I have plans to buy one of the rectangular Hyperpixel 4’s.