HyperPixel Touchscreen Rotation / Touch Fix After Update

After running update / upgrade on my Pi3, I noticed that my Hyperpixel touchscreen wasn’t working. I read through the forums, tried the various fixes, to no avail.I finally found a combination of steps that resolves the issue, and thought I would share them here. Sorry for not attributing the content to the original authors I learned from, I didn’t save posts as I was reading and testing. This is easiest to do over SSH (if you reboot after deleting the Hyperpixel4 directory, I think you lose screen functionality).

To fix the screen issues:

  • Delete the Hyperpixel4 directory
  • Re-download with: git clone https://github.com/pimoroni/hyperpixel4.git
  • Go to the Hyperpixel4 directory, and type the following two commands:
    • sed -i ‘s/touchscreen-size-x\ =\ <800>/touchscreen-size-x\ =\ <480>/g’ src/hyperpixel4.dts
    • sed -i ‘s/touchscreen-size-y\ =\ <480>/touchscreen-size-x\ =\ <800>/g’ src/hyperpixel4.dts
  • Change /boot/config.txt so the line about the overlay has :rotate
  • Screen rotate should be 1, not 3.

Hope this helps! :)