HyperPixel Touchscreen Rotation / Touch Fix After Update

After running update / upgrade on my Pi3, I noticed that my Hyperpixel touchscreen wasn’t working. I read through the forums, tried the various fixes, to no avail.I finally found a combination of steps that resolves the issue, and thought I would share them here. Sorry for not attributing the content to the original authors I learned from, I didn’t save posts as I was reading and testing. This is easiest to do over SSH (if you reboot after deleting the Hyperpixel4 directory, I think you lose screen functionality).

To fix the screen issues:

  • Delete the Hyperpixel4 directory
  • Re-download with: git clone https://github.com/pimoroni/hyperpixel4.git
  • Go to the Hyperpixel4 directory, and type the following two commands:
    • sed -i ‘s/touchscreen-size-x\ =\ <800>/touchscreen-size-x\ =\ <480>/g’ src/hyperpixel4.dts
    • sed -i ‘s/touchscreen-size-y\ =\ <480>/touchscreen-size-x\ =\ <800>/g’ src/hyperpixel4.dts
  • Change /boot/config.txt so the line about the overlay has :rotate
  • Screen rotate should be 1, not 3.

Hope this helps! :)

Thanks Quantum_Star, your post helped me home in on a solution for my problem.

When I set up the HyperPixel on the Pi 3b+, I found that the touch calibration was way off - the right half of the screen would display the cursor (on x) but it responded wherever I touched. Very wacky.

Turns out it was an issue probably related to Raspbian Buster. After many blind alleys on the Pimoroni forums, I decided to inspect the https://github.com/pimoroni/hyperpixel4/ repo and, lo-and-behold, there is a “pi3-buster-fix” branch which fixed my issue. Not sure why there aren’t more links to this fix, it may be very new and not yet verified.

Note that curl doesn’t work for me, so I grabbed the repo directly and initially got the “wrong” one (pi3).