I am looking for a solution that allows connection of a microphone and possibly a speaker output at the same time?


I have been playing with some voice modulation using the Raspberry Pi with some success. The plan is to use a Raspberry Pi inside a life size Dalek to take audio in from a microphone, apply audio effects to create an authentic Dalek voice and then out put the result to a speaker.

I have a pHAT DAC which I use in my car for audio output and borrowed that for output. I then tried a USB mic for input, but the sound quality is terrible.

Can anyone recommend (if it exists), a way to capture higher quality live audio into a Raspberry Pi and also have the ability to play high quality audio out using a HAT? Is there such a thing as an audio in and audio out HAT combined?

I did find this post on these forums:


Which led me to this product:


However looking at the comments, this board no longer works with recent OS’s ?
Also it has built in Mics as opposed to the ability to plug in a mic and looking at the article above using input and output concurrently seems problematic?

Is this the only way to go (using legacy OS / third party drivers) or are there any better solutions?

Many thanks

Using audio-in and audio-out at the same time is no problem. I have a number of projects doing STT and TTS (text-to-speach and speach-to-text). For example, I have a webradio that I can control by voice commands: GitHub - bablokb/pi-webradio: An Internet-Radio built around a Waveshare 7.9" Display (read: https://github.com/bablokb/pi-webradio/blob/main/doc/voice-control.md). This works fine on a Pi-Zero, so it obviously does not need a lot of computing power.

I used the waveshare audio hat (WM8960 Audio HAT for Raspberry Pi, Hi-Fi, Stereo CODEC, Play/Record) successfully. That hat is very similar to the one from re-speaker you linked to. I also used the 4-mic array from re-speaker, which is of course a better microphone. The codec of the chips is not in the mainline kernel, so you have to search some forums and maybe need to compile a suitable kernel-module yourself. But this was always very good documented and worked without problems.

Nice project, what are you using a a microphone?
The ReSpeaker and Waveshare Audio Hat has built in mics but for my project I think we need to look at USB?

What I already used for a Pi1 (sic!) was a small USB-soundcard with an attached microphone. I also own a simple desk-microphone with USB which also works fine. This all is more targeted at voice and not high-quality audio recording though.