Pirate audio dual mic


Please, can you tell me what I should order to create this Wearable Device?

Please, I need to order this item (Pirate Audion Dual Mic) to use it with a Vibration Motor, Human Temperature Sensor and Battery all of them will be connected to same Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W as Wearable Device.

My Raspberry pi 02w GPIO no Pins, so I need a male Header.
Please, How to connect the Pirate Mic and the other Sensors with the GPIO while the Pirate will use the 40 Pins.
Please, Let me know If you recommend another Mic and Screen for this wearable device.

Please, I need to include the best Battery with any other required Item(HAT/Booster…) to allow about 24 hours because this device will be Switched On most of the Time.

Please, Send the recommended item list with any Documentation or User Guide

Thank You