ICM20948 9DOF with pimorini pico lipo?

I have ordered a ICM20948 9dof sensor for a project to be used with a pi pico. The description claims it has a python library for rpi computers but also claims it can be used with microcontrollers. However I cannot find any function referenc to use this sensor. Does anyone know where i can find one?

It's also **Qw/ST compatible*** so it can be plugged into a whole range of different [microcontrollers and HATs](https://shop.pimoroni.com/collections/stemma-qt) with Qwiic or STEMMA QT connectors.

The product page links to the python-library, and there you can find the source code. Better, you have an examples directory which shows the typical use.

For Micropython, there is a library available, just google for “icm20948 micropython”. That library is on pypi and has a nice readthedocs documentation. Adafruit has a library for CircuitPython.

I belive this is what your talking about: https://github.com/jposada202020/MicroPython_ICM20948
Would this be a case of installing it via cmd and then importing within my ide? In addition would this work alongside the tufty2040 running pirate flavour of micropython?

Yes, that is also the link I found.

Regarding installation: I can’t help here. Installation is one reason I use CircuitPython whenever I can, it is so simple and no problems with vendor-specific flavors of the base-system what so ever.

When I look at the examples MicroPython ICM20948 Driver - MicroPython ICM20948, I see no problem that this additional driver will not work together with Pimoroni’s MicroPython.

I agree circuitpython is so easy to use in terms of plugins but I find their dislpay drivers difficult to use therefore try to avoid them as much as possible. I will see if they work and worst case ill learn to work with circuit python. Additionaly if I am correct there is no official support for the tufty on circuit python.

Why don’t you give the MicroPython driver a try? If you are happy with how MP handles the display, then it should be the easier route. I think you only have to solve the download and install problem, which probably boils down to copying the driver files into the lib-directory.

Regarding Tufty and CP: yes, this is not officially supported. I created a version, but it is not up to date.

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