Inky Frame slide show

Just released version 1.7 which uses LEDs to provide feedback on button presses and activity.

Awesome. Thank you,I’ll check it out.

Slideshow works good and LED’s interaction is visible. Thanks again for the work.

Just released v1.10 with on-screen low battery warnings. That might be flaky as there’s some complexity to reading VSYS on Pi Pico W which unfortunately isn’t covered up in MicroPython.

The leds are great, thanks!
Can also confirm that your slideshow works with the inky frame 4.0", just change DISPLAY_INKY_FRAME to DISPLAY_INKY_FRAME_4 see: pimoroni-pico/ at main · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico · GitHub

I added a case for the inky 4 and the battery box as well

Very nice!

Does the display look the same as the 5.7" one? I don’t have the new 4" one.

From what I can tell the board itself is just scaled down.
As for the display it appears to have a better resolution, the “pixels” of the dithering look smaller.
Also, it might just be the different pictures, but I think the colors are a bit more vibrant/better contrast:

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I agree on the colour it often looks more saturated with better contrast but I’m not exactly sure why. The dithering will appear better at same distance due to small pixels (higher ppi).

I found an old advert for Benetton and tried to light them both evenly which turns out to be surprisingly hard and near impossible to judge visually.

Judging from some twitterings, there’s a 7.3 inch with 16:9 ratio in the works.

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Some more images to compare in Instructables: Pimoroni Inky Frame Comparison - 4 Inch Vs 5.7 Inch.

The 7.3" Inky Frame has been launched!

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And I have one :) but only until tomorrow :(

better late than never:

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