Inky Impression Display


I am looking at purchasing the Inky Impression :-

I am looking to use it to display photos and I liked the idea of using this type of display to make the photos look a bit more arty. I know I wont get the same quality as I would from a HD TFT display, but that would just turn it into a digital photo frame.

Has anyone used one of these to display pictures? Is the quality really bad or surprisingly good?



I have one, and the results vary depending on the image you’re trying to show. If it’s a relatively simple image with strong colours it tends to come through quite well. If it’s a complex image with lots of detail it tends not to look so good. One thing I’ve noticed is that the colours tend to lose their vibrancy and sometimes aren’t quite right, so I’ve been fiddling with ways to improve it.

A couple of comparisons for you:

This is Veiled In Red:

This is a comparison of a photo I’ve taken: