Inky impression eInk built in a picture frame (automatic resizing of pictures with code example!)

I used the Inky impression eInk display to automatically show pictures I send it via email! Made with a Pi Zero W, a Pimoroni inky impression and an IKEA RIBBA picture frame (10x15cm) which fits (almost 😅) perfectly! A cron job checks for new Mail every 5 minutes, automatically resizes the attached image to fit the eInk display’s resolution and displays it. You can also select the picture from your smartphone.

See sample code on my github: GitHub - fapeg/eink_picture_frame


This is really cool. I was going to do an art gallery type thing with mine and this is something I would never have thought of.

Nice work. I built a frame and used your code as a very good starting point. I am currently working on adding email security to protect from displaying images from rogue image posters and a secure photo admin management web gui. I have cron checking email for new photos every 5 minutes. I also have a script that scans the photo_store directory, randomizes the list of photos, and presents a new photo every 10 minutes. If a new photo is detected the new photo is presented and the presentation script restarts with a new randomizes list to display.

I am running the frame from a 2700ma 2s battery. I really like how well this project is coming along

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Wow cool :) would love to see your code sometime.

How long does the Pi zero last on the batteries?

So far the frame has been up for 3 days… 75% left.
I am going to see if there are enough GPIO pins available to add a Sleepy PI or equiv
to stretch battery life out.

I’ll send an archive out to you as soon as I get a chance to clean it up. after all you started this project. If I add a sleepy pi and the pi ups board I will make a 3d printed back shell for the photoframe because I can’t fit it.

Hi Fabian,

Your code gave me a quick head start on my eink frame project. I attached a tar with everything. The file directory structure is slightly different. All credential files and and the mailid.txt file is in /home/pi/python_files/photo_store. I included my bash script that will randomly display all the files in the directory and start with another randomized list of files when done. now references a file called email_allowed.txt for user accounts that are allowed to post to the frame.

I still have work to do. Next step I plan on encrypting passwords.

I am not sure what I am going to use for a webgui. It needs to be lightweight and works well on a smartphone. I am still research it. Once done I will make a debian package that just drops everything in place.

I am still testing battery life. Maybe if I throttle down the CPU after displaying an image and throttling it back up when receiving and processing an image will help. I’d probably need to throttle up the CPU when Apache is active too.

Hopefully Pimoroni will have a larger 7 color eink screen available soon.

Link to code contributed to the 7 color eink frame project

The code has been very stable but please backup your work first!


I’ve came up with some new ideas for the Photo Frame Management GUI.
It will be able to mange the eink email account cresdentials, display saturation level, photo display time, time interval for fetching new photos by email, upload and download photos, cpu max low frequency. I want to add username and password encryption next. The photo frame email account and password will all be encrypted in a hash. When I get it to the point where encryption is added I’ll create a debian installer package. I moved the cron job to system cron in /etc/cron.d since it’s easy to deliver with the debian package.

The photo frames I used are here:

When installing don’t use the glass plate.

After I get the debian package delivery built I’ll design a back panel for the frame.
I’d like to use the rpi UPS board to power this frame. I’m still looking for one that has
an RTC and is arduino based. It might be the Witty Pi 3 or Sleepy Pi. The best solution might be a RPI UPS board with arduino, RTC, and usb connectivity … not sure yet. I started a battery test with a full charge. Will the running every 5 minutes and photos updating once per minute battery usage has been higher.
24hrs and 25% power used so far. If I throttle down the cpu to a lower frequency than what I am using right now when idle I might get more time. Also maybe check for new photos by email once every 15 minutes and present each photo for 10 minutes.

I figured what I am testing now is worse case.

I have another display coming in. Chicago Electronic Supply had them… so I am building another photo frame.