Inky Phat Name Badge does nothing

Mine was OK with the weather and calendar examples.
Name_badge only works if I adjust the code to not ask for a name, but have it hard-coded instead.

I’ve got the same issue. Calendar and Weather are OK but cannot, for love or money, get the name badge to work. Also trying to get the balena-based project to run, and everything’s working except the display isn’t updating!

Inkyshot looks interesting, I’ll give that a go someday.

Name badge does work, but not out-of-the-box/as intended, at least not for me.
I changed the code to not ask for a name, but use a name I added to the code myself.
Ran it through Geany, works fine.
A proper fix from the Pimoroni guys would be appreciated though…

Ok, inspired by THIS THREAD, I get the following:

python --type "phat" --colour "yellow" --name "Inigo Montoya"


python --type "auto" --colour "yellow" --name "Inigo Montoya"


Question is, why?!