InkyWHAT: images inverse from B+W to W+B

Hi all! I have what I’m hoping is a problem with a simple answer. I’m trying to display a Black and White image on InkyWHAT; black text on a white background. When I show the image, the colours inverse to be white text on a black background. The image was typeset in Adobe Illustrator, then imported into Photoshop to be converted to an Indexed colour PNG file. (Transparency is NOT selected). I’ve tried reloading the image with slight variations in how I save/export the file and import it, but after more attempts than I can count, I keep getting the same result.

I’m using the code supplied on the Pimoroni site.

Does anybody know if I’m missing something in either the preparation of the image file, or in the Python code?

Any tips would a wonderful help.

Thanks so much for reading!

Still need help with this - Anybody have any thoughts at all? Please?

Can you post your code?

Hey Crowbot, the support team got back to me with some image conversion specs that might just do the trick. …and then my computer died. Once it’s brought back to life, I’ll give them a try. But thank you so much for offering to help!