Installing pimoroni-dashboard (64 bit)

I recently switched my “development” RasPi4 (running a fresh install of Raspbian) to use 64 bit mode in order to be able to run rosetta@home within BOINC. This was done by adding the following to the /medi/pi/boot/config.txt file (I’m running on a USB SSD not the SD card).


Since then, I tried installing the dashboard with:

sudo apt install pimoroni

Although this worked, trying to run pimoroni-dashboard fails with the following:

This hardware is not supported, sorry!
Config files have been left untouched

Presumably this is due to the 64 bit mode. Any ideas?

A bit of “rubber ducking” here. Almost as soon as I posted, I found a way round it…

Disable 64 bit mode, re-boot.
Run pimoroni-dashboard and install relevant software.
Re-enable 64 bit mode, re-boot.

Feels like a bit of a workaround but it does a job.