Buster and Pimoroni dashboard on Pi3B+

i have Buster installed on a Pi3B+ and trying to open Dashboard ,and all it does is flash quickly on the screen ,but doesn’t open ?? thanks

I installed this too and happened to notice it flashes up a message during installation that the Dashboard will not install on this version of Raspbian.

You can install individual projects by using curl etc. Etc

thanks for your reply , i do use pimoroni github to install hats and phats ,just being a bit lazy …

Oooh- I haven’t touched the dashboard in years. It used to be maintained by @RogueM and I’ve never really had the capacity to continue his good work. I suspect a fix for Buster is a good opportunity to shake it up and add all the new stuff that’s missing!

that would be great ,i do use it regularly.I use multiple Pi’s, make lots of errors ;) and re-image card a lot,and Dashboard is so convenient, most all of my phat’s and Hats are Pimoroni hats

That would be nice! :-)

I’ve released Version 1.0.5 which should now run on Buster, I haven’t added any of our new boards to it yet however.

thank you for that update