Internet radio question

I’ve used this
I also got radio stations and am able to cycle through my stations . Thanks for providing this.
Say I want to use the phat for something else, is there an official way to stop running vlcd.

curl | bash

Seems that this is the script that installs vlc and adds vlcd to start.
Can you point to the point where this can be undone? In other words which system files does it control to start vlcd automatically?

@HeadLess Posted this in another thread. Its not a reminent stop of VLC radio though, just for that one session. On a reboot your back to your Pirate Radio.

One more thing:
if I disable puleaudio (sudo service pulseaudio stop )
Both pivumeter and python calls work OK.
Not that it resolves the overall problem ;P

One way to do it is to use two different SD cards. One for Pirate Radio and one for tinkering with the pHat Beat. Then just swap cards depending on what you want to do.

Simpler way would be to simply disable service:
sudo systemctl disable vlcd
( I’m assuming its using similar script like one here )

And enable when you would like it back ( sudo systemctl enable vlcd ).


Thanks! This command works as needed.