How do you change the radio stations on the Pirate Radio Internet Radio option?

I have tried without success to access the playlist.m3u file. Any help on editing this file?

Try sudo nano /etc/vlcd/default.m3u Pirate Radio is worthless

Thanks that was it. Is there a maximum number of lines on the config file?



Hello again Kerry. I would like to know first if you are connected with Pimoroni, like tech support? If so can you tell me what has happened to my VuMeter lights? (sending Pic). At first they functioned properly, now as you can see there are not lighting as they should. I tried running the examples of and, but nothing changes. Again sorry if this is not your expertise but maybe you could send me to the person that can help me.



PS I know the pic is not very sharp but notice the revese reflection below the Pirate Radio, you can see which LEDs are light.

No, I don’t work for Pimoroni, if only, lol.

I have no idea if there is a limit on the number of stations that can be in the list. VLC Radio documentation “might” tell you that.

I’ve had my VU meter act weird from time to time.
phatbeat.clear() will turn all the LED’s off and I think turn the VU meter off. turns it back on again.
I’m tinkering with code to use a Media Keyboard with the pHat beat and use that to turn it off on a play pause. Without it it just freezes with some LED’s still lit.

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Kerry thanks for your help I tried to use the phatbeat.clear() function and it does not turn off any lights. Guess I will give the support team a chat.

Thanks again


Ops, should have mentioned, that’s what I used in my python file, not sure if it works from the command line. Which is where I’m guessing you tried it.

I had one LED that would come on full bright when my Pi booted up. Took everything apart, put it all back together and it didn’t do it anymore. pHat Beat, one LED always on full bright white when powered up