Interstate 75 W (Pico W Aboard) - RGB LED Matrix Driver

I wonder if this will work:

Thank you

I can’t speak to the rest of it, but you should be aware that many of the cheaply available SD card readers (especially the ones making a big deal of TF compatibility) may only support cards up to 32GB (HC). It’s a quirk of chinese manufacturing/advertising. Double check with the supplier beforehand for 64GB (XC) compatibility.

I have some 32GB cards. Anything on how to wire the SD card reader to Pico?

for a board like that, it should be as simple as connecting the named pins to the same named pins on the pico, one of the better tutorials is here

Note that you don’t have to use those exact pins, any set of similarly named SPI pins will work, and the one extra could be any other digital pin (just remember to change the pin numbers in code)

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