Is it possible to control an SD card over SPI with the tiny2040?

Is it possible to control a SD card over SPI with the tiny2040? If so, what pins do I connect?

I don’t have a definitive answer, I haven’t tried to do it.
I do have a Tiny2040, but haven’t done a whole lot with it if I’m honest.
I’d start with the pinout and what control signals your SD card reader / writer needs.
Do you have an SD card reader writer in mind?

I have this one

Digikey have a guide for doing it with the Pico here. The Tiny2040 exposes a SPI bus, so as long as you map to the right pins it should work.

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If you can solder you just need the micro SD card adaptor. You can find out how about 80% of the way through. Just move the SPI pins as necessary.

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@Tonygo2 I knew somebody here had done that, and posted a picture. I was also pretty sure it was you, couldn’t find the thread though. Thanks for posting that info.