Tiny . spi(0)

Found use for two Rp2040 TINY’s I bought some time ago and decided to use on to play with I2S. To make full use of it I decided to add an micro sccard interfaces using SPI(0), pins GP0…GP33 . In studying the pinlayout again (after I created a PCB and having unexplained issues getting it to work), I noted that SPI(0) “shares” pins ao with UART(0) and the word “CONSOLE” is next to that. I am now not sure how to interprete this. Is the diagram essentially telling me I cannot use GP0…GP3 for SPI whilst having the device usb_connected via USB ?

thx !

IIRC the console lines are the ones that talk to Mu/Thonny and the like, so using them for other purposes might interrupt one or the other (not sure which may take precedence), outside of that specific case you should be able to use them just fine, even when connected to usb.

Hello Nox, thanks for your prompt reply !

However, the mistery of why it will not work on the TINY is still not solved. I tried a second TINY, using the SPI(0) defs of GP4…7 (rather than GP0…3) and keep getting errors. Assuming it had to do with the sdcard.py driver, I tried to determine why it keeps on telling “OSError, no SD card” but could not see why something that is widely used, fails when using it with a TINY.

So this morning, in order to establish the correct working of the driver, I used a PICO and it worked. Then I used a WAVESHARE RP2040_ZERO and that works too.
Wrp sw: i tried the official V1.19 as well as the more current “nighly builds” (generated for the TINY) but it does not make a difference.

I must be overlooking something where I checked the wiring again and again (even used different cables, different sdcards).

(I thought I had two TINY’s so I could check both of them but #2 is hiding somewhere; there is of course a chance the device has given up on me because of so little love and attention for so many months…)

Suggestions are welcome. Thx,

the only other thing I can think to do would be to test the pins with a button script just to make sure they are getting signal. The closest I have here to test with is a pico, so not helpful.

perhaps one of the other forum regulars with a Tiny might chime in

ok; the pins behave as they should, when using a button script.

However, connecting an I2C OLED only gives me a “device found” on GP0+1 and GP6+7, nothing on GP2+3 or GP4+5. I’ll put the device aside for now.
Thx your support.