Tiny 2040 as USB host?

Is it possible to use the Tiny 2040 board as a USB host or would the hardware not support that?

The C SDK document for the Pico hints that the RP2040 would support it using something like the third-party TinyUSB_host module, but I think you’re on your own as far as implementing it goes.

Yeah, I’ve seen that. The main question is if something in the layout of the Tiny2040 would prevent this from working. Since I can’t find any schematics for the board, I can’t check myself…

I wouldn’t think so, the USB pins will be connected to the USB port in the same was as the Pico, I can’t imagine anything else would make sense. The Tiny is essentially identical to the Pico I think except being a bit shorter, having an extra button, and having an RGB LED.