Is the official Raspberry Pi 2.5A PSU only for the Raspberry Pi 3?


Can anyone confirm if the official Raspberry Pi 2.5A power supply (the 2.5A model at is also fine to use as a power supply for older Raspberry Pi models, and as a general USB charger, e.g. for phones?

I ask because there’s nothing specifically ruling this out on the Pimoroni shop page, but I’ve seen some other sites claiming otherwise. For example, on at the bottom it says (in German):

This power supply is only suitable for the RasPi3! Do not use it with one of the older 5V Pi models, or as a battery charger / power supply to other Micro USB devices such as Mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, etc.!

Is there any truth to this?


I can’t imagine there would be issues using the 2.5A rated PSU to power any Pi, including Zeros. Charging other devices is more of a red herring, without specifics about the device.


You can use the 2.5A power supply with any model of Raspberry Pi - those other sites are wrong!

It is a standard USB power adaptor that outputs 5.1V (to accommodate a little voltage drop in the cable - though the USB spec states that anything between 4.75V and 5.25V is acceptable).

The 2.5A rating just means it can supply up to that much current (the Pi will draw whatever it needs).