Is this HAT compatible with this LED array

I am wondering if this HAT:

Is compatible with this LED array:,prmr:1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjw5PL-_-HuAhVNu3EKHRNuArkQ8wIIngY

The LED array you’ve linked is made of Neopixels, it doesn’t need any additional hardware to run it, and the Matrix HAT won’t drive it. Adafruit’s Neopixel Guide should tell you all you need to know about using them, but just be careful: a matrix of that size can, theoretically, draw a large amount of power.

I haven’t it running without a hat, but I need a breadboard lots of wires and a level shifter. So I’m now search for a hat with a level shifter. I want it to be a bit more neat and tidy. The cricket hat seems to offer this but it’s quite expensive and has a lot of other stuff I don’t need. Are you aware of any other options?

Btw, I’m using a raspberry pi, this is why ideally I need a level shifter.