Just installed Spotify following the instruction guide



I have followed https://learn.pimoroni.com/tutorial/sandyj/streaming-spotify-to-your-pi several times on my Pi3 with no joy.

Iris installs, everything looks good, except the following message under Spotify:
Connected (Mopidy-Spotify extension not installed/enabled!)

I have reinstalled raspbian a few times as it seems every time I make a change to the mopidy.conf file, it then breaks Iris. For example, I read that I need authenticate mopidy with Spotify via: https://www.mopidy.com/authenticate/#spotify But when I add it to the [spotify] section of mopidy.conf under /etc/mopidy/ it dies.

Any help for a total noob would be greatly appreciated.



Hi, same here. Multiple attempts on fresh raspbian lite and no joy. My mopidy.conf had everything # out. I’ve tried removing # and putting in the correct username and pass on it’s own, and later with the mopidy authentication info but no joy.

I also assume the iris section of mopidy.conf should not be #out. Should everything else be #out? I don’t think so but not sure which ones to amend.