Keybow 2040 - what is the maximum number of characters/string of text I can assign to one keypress

I’m looking to purchase a Keybow2040 to use a macro pad to input text lines that I need to input when quoting customers’ orders.

Can anyone tell me the maximum number of characters I can assign to a single key press?
The sentences I input are all <100 characters, but I’ve seen many OTS macro pads having limits of 30 characters.

Many thanks in advance!

Hello ,dont own one or know much about using it ,but i do use Pimoronis Github for Pimoroni item i do own , i think about 3/4 way down this page with offer you some help

just a bit of what it said ,
Sending strings of text
Rather than the incovenience of sending multiple keycodes using keyboard.send(), there’s a different method to send whole strings of text at once, using the layout object we created.

from keybow_hardware.pim56x import PIM56X as Hardware
from keybow2040 import Keybow2040

import usb_hid
from adafruit_hid.keyboard import Keyboard
from adafruit_hid.keyboard_layout_us import KeyboardLayoutUS
from adafruit_hid.keycode import Keycode

keybow = Keybow2040(Hardware())
keys = keybow.keys

keyboard = Keyboard(usb_hid.devices)
layout = KeyboardLayoutUS(keyboard)

key = keys[0]

def press_handler(key):
layout.write(“Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.”)

while True:

Thank you for this - looks like a useful bit of code for what I’m needing. Hopefully someone could test this to see if 100 characters is okay to use with this function!