Problems understanding Circuit Python for Keybow 2040

Hi, I’m very new to Python of any sort and brand new to Circuit Python. As part of a larger project, I want to use my Keybow 2040 to produce single word serial output to an Arduino for controlling a camera setup. I have looked at the various examples and none of them are within my scope to adapt as yet. the closest is this;
import board
from keybow2040 import Keybow2040

import usb_hid
from adafruit_hid.keyboard import Keyboard
from adafruit_hid.keyboard_layout_us import KeyboardLayoutUS
from adafruit_hid.keycode import Keycode

i2c = board.I2C()
keybow = Keybow2040(i2c)
keys = keybow.keys

keyboard = Keyboard(usb_hid.devices)
layout = KeyboardLayoutUS(keyboard)

key = keys[0]

def press_handler(key):

while True:

Where SETUP is one of the control words. I need to expand this to all sixteen buttons for maximum control and, despite trying variations on the provided examples, I cant make more than one word work. Any help would be much apprecciated.