Keybow - adding HID codes for media keys


Hello ya’ll,

I’ve been trying, and failing, to have keys on the Keybow act as media keys (such as Play/Pause, Forward, etc.).

Using for reference, I’ve defined the HID codes for the media keys I want in the keybow.lua file as such:

keybow.MUTE = 0x7f
keybow.VOLUMEUP = 0x80
keybow.VOLUMEDOWN = 0x81
keybow.MEDIA_PLAYPAUSE = 0xe8

and then just use them like any of the pre-defined keycodes.

However, this does not work, upon keypress nothing happens.
Any other keys still work normally and the Keybow does not freeze up either.

At this point I am not sure where the problem lies, I’d much appreciate any help :)

edit: Is there perhaps any way to get debug output from the Keybow?