Keybow mac

Has anyone been able to use the Keybox2040 on a mac? I cant seem to program the clover Command key. When I type keyboard.send(keycode.COMMAND) it does not work. I have imported and using these libraries.

import board
from keybow2040 import Keybow2040
import time
import usb_hid
from adafruit_hid.keyboard import Keyboard
from adafruit_hid.keyboard_layout_us import KeyboardLayoutUS
from adafruit_hid.keycode import Keycode
from adafruit_hid.consumer_control_code import ConsumerControlCode
from adafruit_hid.consumer_control import ConsumerControl

Got it to work but needed to use Code With Mu set it up for Circuit Python and now I can use all the key commands found at adafruit_hid.keyboard.Keyboard — Adafruit HID Library 1.0 documentation

used the keycode.GUI for the command key and windows key