Keybow 2040 MIDI example error


Just finished assembling a Keybow 2040 that Santa kindly left under the tree for me.

All of the pre-installed examples are working fine, save for the two MIDI examples (midi-sequencer and midi-arp) both of which give the following error when running

RuntimeError: No pull up found on SDA or SCL; check your wiring

I had the same error on a PIco RGB keypad base that I bought a while ago and fixed by soldering a couple of resistors on the bottom, but I don’t fancy doing that to such a nice bit of kit as the Keybow.

Can anyone help getting the examples to run without any clunky hardware modifications?


An update - have it working now. For reference, I

  1. Nuked the RP2040 flash with the flash_nuke.uf2 from Installing CircuitPython | Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Pico and CircuitPython | Adafruit Learning System
  2. Installed the latest CircuitPython for the Keybow from Keybow 2040 Download
  3. Installed the libraries and examples following the documentation at GitHub - pimoroni/keybow2040-circuitpython: CircuitPython library for the Pimoroni Keybow 2040

And it’s all working beautifully now :)