Keybow beginner programming is there an easier way to test code?

I’m new to programming but have found the initial setup of keybow to be easy enough to encourage me to get more complicated. BUT… Isn’t there an easier way to test the code then powering down the keybow, saving the new code snippet to the SD card, putting it back in the keybow, waiting for it to power up then seeing if it worked? The round trip of this method is not conducive to learning.

Is there an easier way?

Thanks so much for your help!!!

There is- yes- but it’s not very accessible to the end-user yet. There’s nothing particularly special about the keybow software and it will actually run on a full Raspbian Pi. My development cycle involves either testing the code in a cut-down debug version of Keybow or developing/running it right on the Pi Zero itself using an SSH session to make the changes and run tests.

Making it easier to test is on my todo list- but it will always involve having to set up a Pi Zero with WiFi. If you can get that done, then even now you can grab the “keybow” binary right off the SD card and just run it manually for testing.

It took me a while to figure out how to achieve this myself, so I added my setup here. In case it’ll help anyone else :)