Keybow freezing on boot of host PC


I have my keybow set up and running for quite some time now and can not figure out what is going on. My problem is: The keybow runs complete fine and stable when I just plug it in and leave my PC turned on. As soon as I restart (or boot from power off) my PC however, it freezes when the mainboard bootlogo (Gigabyte in my case) switches to the Windows Startup Screen. I thought its probably a problem with the USB Power from the MB when it reboots, so I turned the “USB keeps power even when the PC is turned off” option off - still the same problem. Using another USB port or external USB switch changes nothing. I still think the problem is caused by my MB and not the keybow, but plugging it and out after Windows booted becomes quite annoying and I am worried about the USB connector wearing out.

Has anybody experienced a similar problem? I know its technically not a keybow or pi question, but maybe somebody has an idea what is going on.

Thank you in advance! :-)


Does sound like the power is blipping, which is why it’s freezing. Perhaps a powered USB hub would make a difference, assuming you’ve not tried that already?

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Thank you for your fast response! :-)

Yeah, that might be the problem… unfortunately I do not have a power USB Hub, but I can probably get one to try it out. In the meantime Ill try and tinker about with the BIOS USB options some more and see if that makes a difference. I will get back to you when I tried both options.

Okay after updating the BIOS to the most recent version and messing with the USB options of my MB it works … no clue what exactly made the difference, I am just happy that it does not freeze anymore :-)