Keybow + I2C Oled

Hi there,

I’ve got a Keybow arriving tomorrow and I’ve also ordered the 1.12" Mono OLED because I saw somebody on /r/MechanicalKeyboards making a custom macro pad with an OLED and got crazy jealous.

Since I’d like to use the two together and am new to both devices, I wanted to ask for some advice.

The Keybow uses LUA and the display uses the Luma.OLED Python library.

I was wondering first if the two can co-exist just fine using running the OLED off of the I2C breakout on the Keybow. I’m assuming I could just run .py files on the Pi?

Secondly, since LUA can execute system commands with os.execute, could I make a key combo run a .py file on the Pi to change the display?

Sorry if these are stupid questions, just trying to get some context as to what’s possible since I know the Keybow is stripped down Raspian.

From the fiddling I’ve done adding the trackball and haptic to the Keybow, it’s much easier to use normal raspbian and build the keybow stuff on top of that. In full raspbian lite I have no issues running the python driven i2c stuff needed for the breakouts.

I’d not even considered that, is it much of a pain getting Keybow to run on top of full Raspian?

I’m fairly new to all this, so am not really sure where to begin doing that.