Keybow Lighting Problems

I have made two attempts at making an SD card. When I started either one up the pattern only goes on keys 7410852 . All keys can output to my computer. I modified mylayout.lua to berequire “keybow”

– Standard number pad mapping –

– Key mappings –

function handle_key_00(pressed)
keybow.set_key(“0”, pressed)
keybow.set_pixel(0, 0, 255, 0)

function handle_key_01(pressed)
keybow.set_key(".", pressed)
keybow.set_pixel(1, 0, 255, 0)

function handle_key_02(pressed)
keybow.set_key(keybow.ENTER, pressed)
keybow.set_pixel(2, 0, 255, 0)

function handle_key_03(pressed)
keybow.set_key(“1”, pressed)
keybow.set_pixel(3, 0, 255, 0)

function handle_key_04(pressed)
keybow.set_key(“2”, pressed)
keybow.set_pixel(4, 0, 255, 0)

function handle_key_05(pressed)
keybow.set_key(“3”, pressed)
keybow.set_pixel(5, 0, 255, 0)

function handle_key_06(pressed)
keybow.set_key(“4”, pressed)
keybow.set_pixel(6, 0, 255, 0)

function handle_key_07(pressed)
keybow.set_key(“5”, pressed)
keybow.set_pixel(7, 0, 255, 0)

function handle_key_08(pressed)
keybow.set_key(“6”, pressed)
keybow.set_pixel(8, 0, 255, 0)

function handle_key_09(pressed)
keybow.set_key(“7”, pressed)
keybow.set_pixel(9, 0, 255, 0)

function handle_key_10(pressed)
keybow.set_key(“8”, pressed)
keybow.set_pixel(10, 0, 255, 0)

function handle_key_11(pressed)
keybow.set_key(“9”, pressed)
keybow.set_pixel(11, 0, 255, 0)

and I modified keys.lua like the tutorial
and the default.png just keeps playing only on the 7 keys

Might be worth trying this script to confirm if your LEDs are functional-

It will disable the default pattern, and each keypress should then light the related LED.

The 11,8,5,1,2 keys do not light correctly the 2 key does glow blue but doesn’t change to white like the 0, 3,4,6,7,9,10, All keys do output the proper characters

The pi zero gets very hot. I tried another one and it also got hot. It isn’t working today

Sorry for the delay- it sounds like something has shorted somewhere. I can’t speculate how or why, but you should drop a line to for a replacement and they should get you sorted. Sorry that you seem to have ended up with a dud :(

Mine are only working on one edge (7,4,1,0) but the presses are detected fine.