Keybow - only uses 'default.png'

Trying to change LED patterns
I noted that there is a load_pattern statement in ‘keys.lua’

function setup()
keybow.load_pattern(“static-tropical.png”) [but this is in patterns/ ?]

also in ‘layouts/default.lua’

function setup()
local pattern = require “patterns/static-tropical.png”

Duplicate statement/Different syntax - does it matter ?

I tried changing ‘static-tropical.png’ to ‘static-blue-red-green.png’
(both place and also commented out duplicate)
but no change in LED pattern
However renamed ‘static-blue-red-green.png’ to default.png and
LEDs changed to static pattern.

Incidentally I’m having trouble with a different layout file (boilerplate.lua)

There were a couple of little gremlins in the software, but I fixed them earlier this afternoon. If you pull down the latest version from GitHub, link below, then copy the files across, the issues should be fixed.