Keybow pressed / not pressed (issue, maybe)


I’ve been playing with the Keybow and have noticed some potential issues, I’m using it connected to a MacBook Air (2017)

if I use the following code found at Setting up the Keybow OS

function handle_key_00(pressed)
keybow.set_key("0", pressed)
keybow.set_key("1", not pressed)


issue 1:

The Keybow types “01” when I press the button, then “01” when I release the button, so rather than getting “01” when I press and release the button, I get “0101”

Issue 2

I was trying to set up modifier keys, so if I press key 1 I get “Hello” and if I hold key 0 and then press key 1 the Keybow would type “goodbye” instead. it kinda works, however I noticed that once I press key 0 it will only ever type “goodbye” until I restart the device.

Issue 3

I think this is an OS issue more than a keybow issue, unless the answer to issue 2 is my keybow is broken…

if I swap key 0 from typing “0” to typing “Z” I get the option between “ž” “ź” or “ż” pop up above the curser, I know this is a OS thing, if you hold certain characters you get alternatives, however as I recall this was happening even with the keybow.tap command. I believe it worked if I swapped to keybow.text but does look like once a key is pressed it is held down forever.

I will continue playing with it when I get some more time, I love these keyboards.