Keybow vs host computer layouts?


I’ve done a couple of USB “password managers” with Arduinos and micropython boards, and the recurrent problem is that the available libs/code/examples all use the US keyboard layout.
So if you use them with a French (AZERTY) host, sending “A” will yield a “Q”, on a German (QWERTZ) host a “Y” will be a “Z”, etc.
Usually I end up creating my own tranlsation table…
Does Keybow have a way to handle this ?

Not currently, but it’s definitely something we’ll look into. I would say, however, that having passwords stored on the device would not be advisable without adding some layer of security, but I’m sure you know that :-)

Yup, I’m quite aware of that :-)

These are not passwords that go out on the Internet however, like Paypal or Amazon or such.

They’re only for access to services on the company LAN : the IT guys still don’t get the message that stupidly complex password policies lead to stupidly risky user behaviours :-)

The gadget(s) stay under my desk, in a workplace that is enclosed at all times, and in my office that’s also closed when I’m not in it… Not perfect, but preferable to going mad :-)

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