LED SHIM pinout

What is the pinout or addresses for the new LED SHIM?

Does it “conflict” with the other pimoroni LED hats? Can I stack with others like Blinkt, scroll, unicorn etc…

It’s i2c, using the same driver IC as Scroll pHAT HD in fact, except with a different i2c address. As far as I’m aware it doesn’t conflict with any of our HATs or pHATs except for itself and HyperPixel (which eats ALL THE PINS anyway).

Reminds me- I need to get this up on pinout.xyz :D

Cool. Is there any way to change the i2c address? To have a double rainbow?

Nope, it’s hard-wired on the PCB. You could throw up a software i2c bus on another couple of GPIO pins and drive another one through that if you were determined. Look into the i2c_gpio dtoverlay.

That’s cool. Did not know that could be done.

Note: to make sure the bus works (i2c is open-drain*) you will need to add a 2.2k pullup between SDA and 3.3v and also another between SCL and 3.3v.

* The SDA and SCL lines are held high by a resistor, and communication is achieved by either the master or slave (host or device) pulling the lines low.