Ledcontrol: Pico W controls LEDs from Home Assistant (or with buttons)


Finally got my ledcontrol project working with MQTT over the weekend, even added Home Assistant MQTT discovery so it’s available on HA without any extra setup. So you just need to set a few variables in config.h (number of LEDs, defaults) and config_iot.h (for MQTT host/ip and credentials), compile/flash and you’re done. Each Pico W gets its own unique_id as well!

It’s also possible to control it physically using the sparkfun RGB/push rotary encoder (but not necessary) and with that setup it’s possible to compile just for the Pico so no W needed. I had used the Pimoroni’s i2c encoder previously but it being not pushable (and more expensive) decided to opt for a simpler solution (but with more pins)

I need some feedback on this project about where to take it next. Here’s the page GitHub - disq/ledcontrol: Control a LED strip with a knob, or with Home Assistant

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Hi, any way this would work with the Plasma 2040 W?