Plasma 2040 restock


I’d love a Plasma 2040. Will they be restocked any time soon?

Alternatively can anyone recommend a tutorial for an absolute beginner on connecting RGB LEDs to a raspberry pi. Thank!

The Picade Plasma software will run on a Pi, without the need for the Picade X hat.
I ran it on my Blinkt.
pimoroni/plasma: Plasma LED driver, FX Sequencer and plugins (
Adafruit have a bunch of tutorials on LED strips.
Adafruit Learning System

We’re waiting for PCBs to arrive so we can make more Plasma 2040s, they should hopefully be here in the next couple of weeks :)

Thanks so much for your responses :)

Look forward to working on this

One thing: I wish the plasma 2040 had 10 buttons. That is all. Just 10 buttons to trigger 10 different functions. Perhaps I will look into running the software off my PI as I guess that would let me trigger different sequences.

You could use a IO Expander breakout with Plasma 2040 to hook up lots of buttons, or a RGB encoder to switch between different patterns?