LiPo Amigo PWR switch


On the LiPo Amigo there’s a power switch. Is the switch a latching or momentary switch? Can the board be set to always on?


It’s a momentary push button.switch.

Thanks for that. I’ll have to short the switch, then.

I wouldn’t. Not without seeing what happens when you hold the button down. It might not be what you think. I have one and you have made me curious. I’m going to try some things tomorrow and post back.

Okay. Thanks for that. It looks like it’s going into a SR flip flop, via a Schmitt trigger. But it goes into the clock of the flip flop.

Thinking about this, it may be more interesting to see what happens with the button not pressed? I have, I think, similar interests. I have plans to use one in a setup that will have no easy access to the Amigo Pro.

I’m planning on daisy chaining it to a Wide Input Shim, to form part of a safe powerdown circuit for a Raspberry Pi.

Ah, OK. Mine is going to be battery backup for a remote Pico Weather Station setup.

Ah, fun. Have you looked at one of these as a possible solution?

I have one on a Pico. Same thing but different? ;)
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Ah, you’re ahead of me.