Pimoroni Pico LiPo questions

Hi all, Im just a few questions about the Pico LiPo. First, when the pico lipo is being run off the battery connector, what are the values of VBUS and VSYS? Is one of them directly connected to the battery? What is the max current that can be used from the pins? Also is the power button on the lipo a latched button or a momentary one? It looks like a latched button but I just want to be sure.

thanks in advance

When on battery VSYS is feed by the LIPO battery. VBUS is I assume 0V.
The Battery is not directly connected to VSYS. It goes through the ON Off circuit.
The Power Button is a momentary switch. Pressing it toggles the power On Off circuit.
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Thanks for the reply! So if the VSYS is fed from the LIPO, do we know how much current we can draw from the pin? Im planning on using a voltage booster to 5V and power a MAX98306 audio amp.

That I don’t know? Usually VSYS is used to get you the regulated 3.3V Out on Pin 36. And that 3.3V is what powers all the attached electronics. The 3.3V Out has a published current max. That can be hunted up in the Pico documentation.
You’d have to ask Pimoroni what the limit is for VSYS on the Pico Lipo
One limiting factor will be the battery you use, it’s MAH rating etc, factors into the equation.